Tamil TV Serials Tharaiyil Irangum Vimanangal

Tharaiyil irangum vimanangal aired on Dhoor Darshan around 1985, Film actor Raghuvaran and Ragini (Actor Karthik’s wife) played the lead role. It was produced by AVM and directed by Rajan Sharma. This is the story of one of the most popular Tamil novel of Indumathi (Novelist of “ Ashokavanam”) with the same name.

Tharaiyil irangum vimanangal is a story of a common man born in a middle class family, who is passionate, does not want to live a common life like everyone, working nine to five in an office. He wanted to become a creative writer, but his family is against it as writer is considered, mostly, as a less earning profession those days! (As the story is set to have happened in 1970s, there were very less chances or opportunities for writers)

His father, girl friend, family and society, all together gives him a lot of pressure, cuts down his dreams and later, in the climax of the Tharaiyil irangum vimanangal, he becomes a Clark! He surrenders his dreams (Surrendered Dreams is the title of the English version of this Novel)

Tharaiyil irangum vimanangal was very popular during the time it telecasted and had a large number of dedicated viewers.


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