Tamil Tv Serial Thanneer Manidhan

Thanneer Manidhan Tamil Tv serials on Doordarshan

Thanneer Manidhan is serial which used to be telecasted in the 90’s. It is a sad story which had gripped its audience in suspense. Thanneer Manidhan is a drama which focuses on the forests, an environmental issue which is gripping the nation. The main point of the soap opera are the big industries which are polluting the environment, especially the water bodies of the nation.

Even the wildlife and the ecological systems are getting effected. It was aired on DD Podhigai. Doordarshan is known to air shows which will have an impact on the society and change their style of living. This serial is no different. It was set out with the intention to make the viewers aware of the ecological imbalance being created by various large factories, and how as a common man they can have their say and change it for the better.

It also focuses on corruption by the managers at various levels of the company. The soap opera follows the story of Anand, who has recently graduated from a college in Madras. He has come to a small village to work in a factory which specializes in manufacturing cement. He is one of the few educated people who are working in that factory. Over there, he sees how the workers are being unfairly treated by the manager.

The manager steals half of their wages in the name of commission. Not able to bare it, he complains about it to his college friend who also happens to be the son of the owner of the factory where he works. Being aware of the situation, he warns Anand to keep his mouth shut. Anand is feeling attracted towards Gowri. For that he becomes friends with Senthamari, a daily wage worker in the factor.

Although nobody knows about it, Gowri has been suffering from a lung disease which has most probably been caused by the toxic air around the factory. She is not the only one who has been going through the turmoil. Sudhakar, another daily wage labourer, has been suffering from the same disease. The doctor tells him to go to Chennai for treatment. His disease has reached an advanced stage which results in his death.

The story then starts revolving around Anand’s continuous tussels with the management to prevent such incidents from taking place. He fights for his workers while taking care of Gowri. Ramkumar has bribed all the officials, which only makes it difficult for the workers to get a fair compensation.