Tamil Tv Serial Thadayam

Thadayam Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Thadayam is a crime based thriller TV show which came on the channel Sun TV. The serial is a Tamil one that came on every weekend on Saturdays in the half hour time slot of 9:30 PM. The show premiered on Indian television screens in the year of 2002. It ran successfully for a three year period and broadcast its last episode in the year of 2005. The show became a fan favorite soon and amassed a huge fan following. It got viewed on a regular basis and enjoyed huge loyalty from the fans. In fact, the show provided a welcome relief from the regular programming which was majorly a mix of different soap operas.

Coupled with the brilliant acting skills displayed by the cast members made it an instant hit amongst the audiences. Thadayam became a very popular show in no time at all. The viewers got hooked to every new twist and turn unfolding on the screen as the protagonists kept trying to get the better of the culprits. However, they always managed to stay ahead of the curve and evaded capture. Most of the episodes ended on cliff-hangers with the audience members waiting with bated breath for figuring out what happens next.

The villain hid in plain sight and kept the protagonists guessing as to how and when he will strike next. His true motives stayed hidden at all times, and he managed to execute his plans flawlessly. He manages to keep the other characters on their toes and try and extract his vengeance from them all. The show got renowned for its mystery and suspense and provided some welcome change from the regular soap operas dominating the broadcast space. Not just in Tamil Nadu or India for that matter, the serial became a regular favorite of viewers all over the globe.

It soon became one of the most-viewed series amidst the Tamil overseas audience as well. The serial’s lead character’s role got played by the acclaimed Vijay Adhiraj. He is one of the most popular names in the Tamil television as well as film fraternity. Vijay started his acting career with the television industry where he made a mark in a relatively short span of time. He soon got noticed owing to his immense talents and got offered more roles. This boosted his career a lot, and he got to act in some fabulous series over the years that helped in cementing his position at the top of the business.