Tamil Tv Serial Swara Raaga Sudha

Swara Raaga Sudha Tamil Tv serials

Swara Raaga Sudha is a music-based reality TV show which came on the Doordarshan network which is India’s national television network. The program is a Tamil one that came on every day of the week barring Sunday i.e. between Monday and Saturday. The show got aimed at musical purists who wanted to listen to and learn more about the Carnatic form of music. Every episode featured fresh songs and invited discussions about the style of music and the various intricacies therein. The host of the show is extremely knowledgeable, and she shares many pieces of information related to the music under discussion. The musical extravaganza formed a distinct shift from the traditional shows which get featured on Tamil regional entertainment channels. Especially considering that other music based shows focussed on modern pop music or other popular film songs.

Swara Raaga Sudha thus takes us back in time to rediscover the charm of Carnatic music. It helps us to see once again the intricacies which go into this classical form and how it enabled the development of modern music. Swara Raaga Sudha also gets counted amongst the first and only shows which focus exclusively on the Carnatic style of music. In order to acquaint the uninitiated listeners with the style of music, every episode got divided into three sections. The first segment gave details about the raaga played in the score.

Details about the background of the raga get discussed, how it came to be and what is its history like. Spirited discussions take place on the swaravarisa is and how they mold the song in question. Each tiny detail matters. The second segment saw a famous singer or other rising talents join the team and render a keerthanai which they sang in that very raaga. This showcased the points which had gotten discussed a few minutes previously and displayed the high level of intricacy involved. The discussion around these points continues, and both the host and the singer continue to engage the audience in the depth of the music.

The third and final section of Swara Raaga Sudha entered into more contemporary territories by engaging in discussions about modern film songs. However, it discussed the songs in light of the raaga and delved into how they get incorporated in modern music. This helped in displaying how Carnatic music stays relevant even in modern times and has become a part of us without even noticing. Every episode featured an unadulterated musical experience which has tested many great singers on multiple levels and explored the length and breadth of their talent.