Tamil Tv Serial Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa


Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa is a devotional drama based on the famous mythology of Lord Ayyapa. Pandalam Raja was a brave and strong ruler of a small kingdom. During a hunting expedition with his commanders he hears a cry of a baby near the banks of river Pampa. He finds a beautiful baby boy with mystical radiant glow wearing a bead around his neck. He takes the boy and raises him with the name of Manikandan meaning the boy with a bead around his neck. Manikandan is the human incarnation of Lord Ayyapa who has come to the Earth to end the terror caused by the fearsome demon Asura Mahishi. Though this is the main theme, the series beautifully portrays the various godly acts of Manikandan. It visualizes the miracles and the love of Lord Ayyappa towards his devotees with unwavering faith and absolute belief. After destroying the demon as destined Lord Ayyappa bids farewell to the kingdom and decides to return to the spiritual world when the King request him for a temple to be built. Lord Ayyappa cast an arrow which falls on a place called Sabari where the present day Sabarimala is located. It was a second series depicting the sacred story of Lord Ayyappa telecasted in Vijay TV on weekdays at 6.00PM in 2010.following the successful completion of the series Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa. Actor Kaushik Babu played the role of Lord Ayyapa and Actor Devan played the role of the majestic King. Veteran Actress Sukumari plays the role of Manikandans grandmother who raises him as a child. Produced by Sree Saran creations this top rated spiritual series was directed by C.N.Srivatsan.