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Suryavamsam Vendhar TV Tamil TV SERIALS on Vendhar TV

This show is aired on Vendhar TV at 8.30 pm from Monday to Friday. This serial gets into various genres including Tamil soap opera, romance, thriller and drama. G. Ravikishore directed the serial starring UdhayaSarath, KasinathuniVishwanath, Mahadevan, Raja Babu Click to look into! >> Read More... , Murthy and Raji. It was premiered on 18th May 2015 and was aired on Vendhar TV on 2nd May 2016. It had one season with 239 episodes with each episode running about twenty to twenty-five minutes. It was preceded by Bharathi Kannama. This was first aired on Gemini TV as Suryaputrudu. This show deals with the rivals on the virtuous and evil side. It is a show that concentrates more on the fights between the good and the evil.

          The first episode showcases Narasimhan and his family. He is believed to bring fortune to the whole village of Sriharipuram and called lovingly as Periyavar. But he is worried about his son Ajay, an advertisement film director who is an atheist. Nagaraj is found to be the evil supporter who handles black magic to attain the source mantra (moola manthiram) and power. He tries to kill Narasimhan and his family. He makes all evil plans and magic to kidnap his grandchildren. A series of episodes reveal the disagreements between Sneha and Ajay, who once insulted Sneha’s interest for modelling. They end up having good vibes for each other. Thulasi’s father was killed by Nagaraj. Narasimhan plans his son’s marriage with Thulasi. By the time, Nagaraj succeeds in his evil plans by killing Narasimhan. Ajay protects his family from Nagaraj. Nagaraj’s desire to attain the source mantra reaches its peak and he is forced to find his long lost sister. Thulasi finds Ajay’s unappealing attitude towards her, and she tries to commit suicide. She gets to know about Ajay’s love affair with Sneha. Nagaraj cleverly attracts Periyavar’s son-in-law and seeks his help to attain the source mantra. Ajay reveals about his love with Sneha to his mother leaving her disappointed. His mother wishes to select his wife by ancient rituals. Suresh made plans to kill Thulasi and Ajay pleads Suresh to leave. Lakshmi is mentally sick. Meanwhile, Nagaraj arrests Ajay’s mother, and he ends up begging, Nagaraj to rescue his mother. Ajay is forced to take his father’s path to protect his family. The rest of the plot deals with the plans made by Nagaraj and the manner how Ajay tackles them.