Tamil Tv Serial Sundarakandam

Sundarakandam Tamil Tv serials on Polimer tv
Sundarakandam, was telecasted in Polimer TV, with huge fan following. The serial was shot in a way that it depicted the traditional middle class south indian household very clearly. The story is shown in a way that the viewers feel like it happens in their neighbourhood.

Eventhough the serial was shot in India mostly, it shows the city of America and its streets to a certain extent.. Baskar rao , who is a sincer , hard working postmaster with meager income runs the family in a humble way. His daughter is Sneha , who is a classical dancer and a drama artist too. She gets married to on Ajay , who stays in America and his family runs a casino of their own. As many girls, she ventures out of her maternal house with dreams and excitement to her in laws’ house to stay with husband and her in laws to brought up in a traditional and conservative family, she is shocked to know about the culture in America and in her husbands’ family. Everything and anything looks weird for her like, the clubbing culture, social drinking and also she feels disgusting to see when a guy and girl hug in public in an expressive manner. She tries hard and works her mind to accept all those and tries making up herself to suit the culture .

But to her dismay and disbelief, anyhow she understands that her in laws are trying hard to hide some secrets from her and also she comes to know about their illegal and an ethical dealings and trade. Rest is the story about how they are caught and how the heroine is saved.

The story penned by Rajprabhu and directed by P.C.Raghu , the serial inspite of getting appreciations form the fans for a nice story, it gave way to some small controversies too .Like, the marriage held in India was not registered before proceeding to U.S and the way they show the Indian family in US kill their son for money and the doctor there accepts to change the report accepting bribes, which are all unbelievable, and shows the ignorance of the makers about the rules and regulations of the country.

The cast had Actress Simran, from movies ,who was a dream girl for many youngsters. Sujitha all time favourite among small screen viewers catches the heart in this serial too.