Tamil Tv Serial Sundara Kaandam

Sundara Kaandam Tamil TV SERIALS on Vendhar TV

“Sundharakandam” is a Tamil soap opera produced by Media Factory. The show, written by acclaimed scriptwriter A. K. Pandiya with dialogues written by I. Ashokan. The widely popular series is directed by K. Ranjithkumar and S.S. Abbas and it was broadcasted on Vendhar TV from 4 September 2014 to 23 January 2015, Monday through Friday,5 days a week, at 9:00 PM IST for a run of 104 episodes in total. The show's star cast includes famous Tamil Tv actors including Reshma Pasupuleti as Sakthi, Swetha as Sakthi, Udhyai, Sri Priya, Srilatha, A. Kanthiraj, B. Nilani and Thanalakshmi. It also airs in Malaysia Tamil Channel on Astro Vaanavil. Its international broadcast ran Monday through Friday at 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Romance has always been one of the favourite genres when it comes movies TV shows or, in general terms, any form of storytelling.

Vendhar TV (also known as Vendhar) is a Tamil television channel launched on 24 August 2014 by SRM group and Sundara Kaandam is one of the most viewed shows amongst several other including Oru sol khealir, Vendhar veetu kalyanam, Sundharakandam, Bharathi Kannamma, Mudivalla Arambam, Suryavamsam, Iruvar, Kollywood roundup. Sundara Kaandam is a hugely popular Tamil series depicting a ‘love triangle’ between the three lead characters. First, comes Aruna who is the daughter of a wealthy businessman named Samrat and Police Commissioner Renuka. Second is Sakthi who belongs from a struggling family and works as a servant maid in Aruna's house. The third is Kathir, who is also from a middle-class family and like Sakthi, he is initially related to Aruna in that he works for her father, the businessman Samraat. Viewers are enraptured by the immersive and occasionally thrilling story line.

Characters are depicted in several funny and sometimes problematic conditions which include them confessing their love for each other, stealing from beggars and getting considered as being delusional and even insane from their own family members & relatives. Apart from the three lead characters Aruna, Sakthi & Kathir a plethora of supporting characters like Kavitha, Prakash, Renuka, Poovarasi, among others, add depth to the story with their respective stories and the crossroads they face as each one of them comes to deciding points in their relationships as well as professional lives. The show is shot at several scenic locations which add a visual delight to the already popular story line and along with an impressive title track, the show quickly gained fame among Tamil viewers.