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Sumangali Tamil Tamil TV SERIALS on SUN TV

Family drama and shows that reflect our day to day lives as well as the typical Indian community is the type of shows that get the highest ratings. These shows attract a large number of audiences and these kind of serials become everyone’s favorite. Sumangali is one such serial which is a recent launch but has captured the hearts of millions of followers.In a short span of time, it has bonded a lot of viewers not only in our country, India but also has attracted international audiences. Sumangali is a daily soap featuring family drama and day to day scenes of a family.

The main lead of the show is the character‘ Anu Bio coming soon... >> Read More... ’ who happens to be the main cast of the plot. Sumangali serial was launched a few months back in the month of March this year. The program has completed few episodes after being aired. The show was featured on Sun TV network which is a Tamil TV network channel. The show is broadcast six days a week from Monday to Saturday at the noon time i.e. 12 pm. The serial which started its journey a few months back has become a recent favorite of all people in the southern regions.

The duration of each episode of the show is 30 minutes. The program features various casts such as Divya,Pradeep,VidyaShankar,Varshini,Deepa,Ilavarasan,Satish, Moriya,Pathima, Rekha Suresh,Ravi Verma,KrishnaKumar,Durka,Kutty Ramesh,Vishnu Priya, Karthika. The serial is directed by B.Nithianandam. The story revolves around Anu who is the center and leading character of the story. The secondary character is Deepa. Deepa is a girl whose marriage is broken and she is the girl who earns for her entire family. The story of the plot features a flashback to a few years back. The first episode rolls back to around 24 years back where a mother gives birth to the main hero of the serial.

It shows typical religious advising gurus as seen in Indian Television serials. The religious Gurudev warns the parents on the birth of their child.He says to the parents of the newborn that the child’s future is in danger and he further provides them a box with some contents.He then asks the parents to visit him after 24 years have been completed.The story starts on that particular note.The plot starts with this concept that the life of the leading male character is in danger and the attempts of the girl to save him. The story features day to day scenes of the family.The family drama is the center story of the plot.This serial has become by far the most addictive Tamil serial for women in India as well as in international countries.