Tamil Tv Serial Sugamana Ragangal

Sugamana Ragangal Tamil tv-serials on SUN TV

Sugamana Ragangal is a Tamil music show which airs on Jaya TV. Sugamana means good morning. It is aired every day at six in the Morning. It telecasts songs from Tamil movies. It mainly focuses on telecasting Tamil songs, regardless of whether they were present in the movie or not. It has a runtime of two hours, which give sit enough time for everyone to wake up and start listening to melodious Tamil songs. It's not that always the same songs will keep on playing.

Sometimes, songs from old movies will be played. Sometimes, songs from new movies will be played. Catering to the audience is important for every television channel and show in the world. Sugamana Raganlal plays songs according to the audience. It caters to both young and old, and people who are interested in other genres of music. All with the songs, the song video is also shown. Depending on the time the video was released, the clarity is something which you shouldn't expect to be amazing.

The audience can call the show and request their favourite song to be played. If they want they can dedicate it to somebody special. They can send their request with a message attached to it. While the requested song is being played, their message will be shown on the bottom of the screen. There are little animations in the middle of the songs. The type of songs played also depends on the occasion. If it is a festival, then the songs related to that particular festival will be played.

If it is a national holiday like Independence Day Click to look into! >> Read More... or the Republic Day, the songs fitting the occasion will be played on air. On other days, while the music is being played, down at the bottom of the screen, there will be a moving bar. This moving bar will show the horoscope of the day. It will also show the national news. It is telecasted all over the country but it is mainly viewed by people from Tamil Nadu.

Jaya TV is aired all over the country and is available across the companies who provide cable network connection to the people. It is also aired in Sri Lanka, due to the large presence of Tamilians in the country. Every episode there are over forty songs which are played and over a hundred messages are displayed on the screen.