Tamil Tv Serial Sri Ramanin Padhayil

Sri Ramanin Padhayil Tamil Tv serials on Vijay tv

Sri Ramanin Padhayil is a devotion based religious travel show which came on the channel Star Vijay. The series is a Tamil language one which came on from Monday through Sunday in the morning slot. The program embarks us on the journey undertaken by Lord Rama many millennia ago. It enriches our spirits and provides us with an immense variety of devotional teachings and rituals that have gotten dedicated to the great Lord Rama. It shows us which techniques get followed for worshipping him in some of his biggest temples and how we celebrate different occasions which got dedicated to him all over the subcontinent.

The series also journeys across the country and introduces us to some of the biggest shrines that have gotten located in the country. The hosts of this show present us with lots of small and interesting information nuggets which got connected with the various rituals along with the customs which get followed all across these different temples. Sri RamaninPadhayil is a deeply religious feature which allows us to pay respects to the great Lord Rama and learn more about the rituals that get followed to honor him and his life.

The religious places can be from any surrounding region and provide us with access from our very own home at our comfort. We even get to learn more about the life of Lord Rama and his way of life. There are many things worth learning and adopting from the journey of his struggle against evil and the struggle he undertook. We also learn more about the temple dedicated to him along with historical facts surrounding these temples. Sri RamaninPadhayil succeeds in transporting us all to a pious land and give insights about the teachings of Lord Rama. We also learn about what great thinkers and saints have said or written about him and how some aspects of his life could get interpreted in one way or another. This gets accompanied with a narrative about the specialties that exist in the temples dedicated to him and how they came to be where they are.

Many of these have interesting stories associated with Lord Rama or special incidents spread through his life. The series provides a very spiritualistic journey that gets supplemented with self-actualisation through the knowledge we glean from therein. Nothing truly compares to the feeling one gets from visiting these holy grounds and learning about his life from our own home. We also learn about some of the most popular hymns that had gotten dedicated towards Lord Rama’s life.