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Tamil Tv Serial Sondha Bandham

Sondha Bandham Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

The Tamil serial Sondha Bandham is a soap opera type that was telecasted on Sun TV. K Rajeev Prasad Rajeev Prasad is a Tamil director who was born on >> Read More... directed the serial and it is produced by the UTV. The serial was premiered on 3rd September 2012. The show runs from Monday to Saturday from 11am to 11.30am. It was originally a Telugu serial named Mamathala Kovela Mamathala Kovela is the series that aired on Gemin >> Read More... and was telecasted on Gemini TV. The entire plot lies between the stories of two families. Overall, it is a serial that is full of sentiments and gives more importance to relatives and friends.

The serial had about 500 episodes and runs about fifteen to twenty minutes. The serial showcases the love and respect that each family member has between each other. A family drama has a very different flavor. Along with friendship, the serial gives more priority to sentiments. Shakthi is fighting to patch back to Prem and is fighting through all the troubles she faces. However, one disadvantage is that Reshmi’s character is changing very frequently off late.