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Siva is the dubbed version of the popular Hindi mythological show Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev. It first aired on Life Ok in 2011 and continued to be air till 2015. It has telecasted eight hundred twenty episode. Each episode has a runtime of twenty-five minutes, whereas the special episodes are forty-five minutes long. Although the show ran for 820 episodes, it was divided into 36 chapters or seasons. Nikhil Sinha, Manish Singh, Satish Bhargav, Ismail Umarr Khan and Govind Agrawal, are the directors of the mythological drama.

Brij Mohan Pandey, Mihir Bhuta, Subrat Sinha, Manoj Tripathi, C.L. Saini, Bhavan Vyas and Utkarsh Naithani, are the writers of the show. Mohit Raina, Saurabh Raj Jain, Radha Krishna Dutt, Sadhil Kapoor, Shivangi Sharma, Kunal Malik, Mohit Sharma, Mouni Roy, Shilpa Shindey, Pankaj Berry, Anushka Singh, Aarti Singh, Shailesh Duttar, Pooja Bose, Aarya Vohra, Sonarika Bhadoria and Suhasi Goradia Dhami, are main characters of the drama.

Nikhil Sinha and Anirudh Pathak are the producers of the show. Amit Malvia and Deepak Garg are responsible for the cinematography. Siva is based on the life of Lord Shiva. It is a story about how he became the God we know he is today. He used to live Goddess Shakti. But the universe was against them and they couldn't be together. It is a story how about love and redemption, which is happening since time immemorial. The show takes us on a journey about their love, separation and how when nothing could go right, it happened and shaped the world we now know of today. Shakti is the grand-daughter of Lord Brahma. She is also the daughter of Queen Prasuti and Prajapati Daksha.

They two love interests were separated for the greater good of the universe. Shakti first reincarnates as Sati, and starts living among the mortals. She then reincarnates as Parvati and starts living with her Lord in the mighty Mountain of Himalayas. It shows us about how no power in the world can separate them. They continue to live in the mountains for centuries and are the layers blessed with two boys. It is widely considered to be the universe's first love story.