Tamil Tv Serial Sherlock Mami


Sherlock Mami is a Tamil comedy television serial. It is a story and under the direction of the veteran and famous, Y. Gee Mahendran from which it was derived from his famous play. The serial was broadcasted on Sun TV (India) every Saturday. 

Sherlock Mami is similar to the story of Sherlock Holmes who sets out to unravel the mysteries and all the crimes along her neighborhood. This is a tale about Sherlock Mami who belongs to a middle class family and got married to an average mama. Mohini plays the main lead role as Sherlock Mami. She deals with her peculiar family and fight against the smugglers and the hazardous criminals together with her razor sharp humours. She was known for solving various mysterious things and crimes in her locality.

This show is a very funny television serial which is a laughing source for all aged. It is packed with a whole package of comedy, fun and entertainment for the entire family.