Tamil Tv Serial Senthurapoovae

Other names of : Sendhoorapoove
Senthoorapoove Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv
Senthoorapoove is a family melodrama about a four sisters and their parents. Kasi Viswanathan played by Actor Narasimmaraju is a very respectable person in the beautiful village of Melur. He considers his daughters as his world and take care of them with his wife Muthukannu. Actress Nithya Ravindhar plays the role of the loveable mother of four. She played well as an innocent village women whose world revolve around her husband and children. They own a piece of land with a Jasmine garden. They cultivate jasmine and sell it to the nearby town. Punitha is the female protaganist played by Malayalam Actress Ranjini Krishna who won the Kerala State Award for best Actress. Punitha is the adopted daughter of the couple who has dropped out of school to take care of her sisters. Valarmathi played by actress Ayshwarya is the eldest daughter of the couple and is the one with school education. Mallika and Manjari are the younger sisters and the roles were played by Actresses Paravallika and TV comperer Monika. Actor Director Visu has played a very important role as Kasi’s friend Subbiah who is a friend forever. He along with his two sons run a travels for living and helps subbiah in all his ups and downs. Yuvarani after her successful female antagonist role in the top rated prime time series Chitthi, has played yet another stong antagonist role Eshwari in this series. Umapathy and Seethapathy are her brothers and Umapathy stalks Punitha with wrong intention. The story moves away from the family and then revolve mainly around Punitha, Subbiah and Eshwari. Directed by Parameshwar and screen play is by Metti oli fame Muthuselvan this series is based on the tamil novel Malligaigal Niram Maaruvathillai by writer Mangal Gowri. It was telecasted in Sun TV at 1.30PM. Produced by Actress Radhika’s Raadan pictures this series came to an end in 2010.