Tamil Tv Serial Senthoora Poove

Senthoora Poove Tamil TV SERIALS on VIJAY TV

Senthoora Poove is a Tamil television show. The show is a soap opera drama. The show features the story of the family of a rich businessman named Duraisingam. He owns a huge business which has made him a very rich and respectable man. He lives with his family and has two daughters namely, Kani and Kayal. He is a widower as his wife died during the delivery of their second child, Kayal due to some miscalculations. He has made peace with her death although he does get lonely sometimes. But he is happy with his two daughters who he loves dearly. He loves them to death and can’t imagine living without them because they both remind him of his lovely wife. Many people close to him advise him to get remarried, so that their family gets completed. Durai’s mother and sister are forcing him to marry a girl who they think would be a suitable match for him but he vehemently refuses to marry her.

Meanwhile, his uncle starts planning to get his daughter married to Durai so that they can have a piece of his majestic wealth. His daughter is Aishwarya and he has an evil plan in place. But Durai denies marrying her because of the age difference and in return promises his uncle that he would find someone much suitable for Aishwarya. She is very disappointed with this. Meanwhile, Roja joins the school of Kayal and becomes her class teacher. Kayal soon starts believing that Roja is her mother because of how similar she looks as compared to her mother. Roja and Kayal get close as time passes by. Roja is deeply in love with a boy and since her uncle doesn’t agree with her relationship, one day she decides to elope with her boyfriend. But her uncle finds them both and kills the boy and brings Roja back home. Her uncle wants her to get married to Durai, but she refuses. But when later she gets to know him, she agrees and the show ends with both of them getting married and moving on with their lives. The show has a tremendous cast in place with Ranjith playing Durai and Sree Nithi playing the character of Roja.

The show was written by Nandhan, Sridharan, PA Raghavan, and Guru Sampath. The show has been directed by Abdul Kabeez. The show started airing on the popular Tamil channel, Star Vijay from 22nd July 2020 and has been on air since then. The show has been a major success because of its script and direction. Another important reason behind the show’s success is the way the show is seemingly progressively written for the screen. All this makes the show an endearing watch.