Tamil Tv Serial Selvi

Selvi Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Selvi is a tamil serial aired on Sun TV and was produced by Radaan Media Works. This production unit launched this serial after the success of their two other serials named Chithi and Annamalai. Selvi has about 499 episodes and began on January 24th 2005. It was ended on December 29th 2006. It was also dubbed in Telugu and telecasted as “Lakshmi” in Gemini TV. Selvi serial revolves around Selvi and Tamarai as they are very best and close friends. Selvi’s role is played by Radhika Sarathkumar and Tamarai’s role is played by Saritha. Selvi is the key character of this serial and is the daughter of a Sri Lanka based jeweller who is very wealthy. Unfortunately, her father’s life and business takes a toss when he loses his fortune to his partner and gets out of Sri Lanka.

Now Selvi is forced to take care of the entire family that has her step mom named Thangam, 3 half sisters and 2 half brothers. The first few episodes of Selvi were shot in Sri Lanka and eventually they moved to Chennai, India. She comes to Chennai with her family and also gets in touch with her good friend Tamarai. Tamarai is married to GJ and has 2 children. GJ is a fraud and finally Selvi lands up working in GJ’s company. GJ realizes Selvi’s ability as a successful businesswoman. Unfortunately, Tamarai meets with an accident and is pushed to Coma stage. Meanwhile, her husband GJ plans to marry with a wealthy woman called Maya. Later he realizes that Selvi would be a better choice when compared to Maya. Selvi is proposed by GJ but she is not willing to marry him, however, GJ, Tamarai’s family and Selvi’s family force her and she marries him. At the time when Selvi wants to get rid of GJ after knowing his character, she becomes pregnant.

Till time she has not told about her marriage with GJ to Tamarai as she is in Coma stage. Now, Tamarai wakes up from her Coma stage and realizes that Selvi had married GJ. Meanwhile, Selvi gives birth to a daughter and the relationship between Selvi and Tamarai comes to an end. GJ does an illegal business in the name of Tamarai and is caught by Police. Police arrests Tamarai as all documents were in her name. GJ did not attempt to save her nor did he confess the truth. He later contacts Maya and marries her. Tamarai is put in jail and she dies of agony. Selvi is very grieved that her friend had not understood her and she died. However, she later gets a letter that Tamarai wrote in her deathbed to Sivi to take her of her children and keep them with Selvi. She also apologized deeply, and appreciated her courage. Therefore, Selvi goes to GJ and gets Tamarai’s children and her own daughter and lives with them happily leaving GJ in vain. The serial’s end disappointed many viewers, hence the shoot of Arasi began on January 3rd 2007, and it was a huge success.