Tamil Tv Serial Sathya

Sathya Tamil TV SERIALS on Zee Tamil

The remake of a Bengali Show Bokul Kotha, Sathya is a Tamil show broadcasted on Zee Tamil, Monday to Saturday at 10 p.m. The show was first telecasted on 4 March 2019 and is directed by AR. Karthik. The protagonists are played by Ayesha and Vishnu with an ensemble supporting cast including Koli Ramya, Janaki, Yogesh, and Nesan. Sathya (Ayesha) is a head-strong and tom-boyish girl who loves to live in the present. Her family includes her grandmother (Lakshmipriya), mother Janki (Seetha Anil) and elder sister Divya (Koli Ramya).

Sathya’s father passed away, leaving behind a mechanic shed which is now handled by Sathya. She often hangs out with her male friends. On the other hand, Prabhu is a rich man. He meets Sathya in unforeseen circumstances and love blossoms between the two, after initial hiccup. Prabhu turns out to be the love interest of Divya as well. Divya, being a money-minded girl, dumps her ex-boyfriend Bala (Yogesh) after she gets to know of the wealth Prabhu owns.

Prabhu and Sathya, however, develop a strong bond after knowing each other better. He stands by her in her fight against wrong, in her studies and eventually helps her become an IPS Officer. The storyline focuses on how Sathya tackles the circumstances and her chemistry with Prabhu. Sathya has also been remade in Telugu, titled as Suryakantam which airs on Zee Telugu.