Tamil Tv Serial Saraswathi Sabatham

Saraswathi sabatham Tamil Tv serials on Doordarshan

Saraswathi Sabatham is a Tamil television soap opera. The story of this show talks about the dispute between three goddesses instead of which one of the three of them had the best power. Narada, who is a celestial troublemaker and a sage, sparks this battle by visiting Saraswati, who is the Goddess of knowledge, and intentionally, tells her that wealth is more important, to annoy her. This enrages Saraswati, and she declares to prove that her power, the power of knowledge, is more important.

Narada then visits Vaikuntha to meet Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, and even here he intentionally, tells her that knowledge is more important, to provoke her. This enrages Lakshmi as well, and she retorts that she will prove, too, that her power, the power of wealth, is more important. Narada then finally goes to visit Mount Kaila, to seek Parvati, the Goddess of power and strength, and here also he intentionally, tells her that knowledge and wealth are more important, to provoke her. This sets off Parvati as well, and she also stresses that will prove that her power, the power that resides in strength, is more important. The three Goddesses, totally turned against each other, decide to select someone on the land and bless them with their respective powers, so that each of them stands to prove their power and defeat the other two Goddesses.

Parvati chooses a person who has been a coward his entire life, and upon blessing, he becomes very strong. Saraswati chooses a mute person, and blesses him with the ability to speak and provides him with all the knowledge of the world. Lakshmi chooses a very poor girl, and through her power makes this girl the Maharani of the kingdom she belonged to. Quite coincidentally, all these three chosen humans belong to the same country and are very proud with their fortune. One day the Maharani, or the queen, crowned the bravest person as the chief of her soldiers.

At the same time, the queen was impressed with the voice and knowledge of the person that Goddess Saraswati had blessed. The queen sent a gift for him, but he, in his arrogance towards knowledge, rejected the gift saying that the queen was a brainless ruler. The chief upon hearing this imprisoned the man, because he insulted the crown, even before taking the queen’s permission. But actually, the queen had fallen for this man, and she went to the prison, in hiding, and asked him to betroth her. But the man rejected the proposal, which enraged the queen, and she went on to take out her anger on the chief.

This made the chief boil in fury, and he killed all the queen’s soldiers. One day he decided to slaughter the queen and her lover, both. But suddenly his sword vanished. In the very end, Lord Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu settled the dispute imparting the wisdom: Knowledge, wealth, and strength, are only important when they are combined. One without the other can cause devastation in anyone’s hand.