Tamil Tv Serial Sakthi

Shakthi Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv
Shakthi is a new family drama centered on a female protagonist with the same name Shakthi and depicts the untold story of domestic abuse. It is being telecasted in Sun TV from June 2014 on weekdays at 10.00 PM. Shakthi is the eldest of 3 daughters of very caring parents. Both of them consider their daughters as their world and Shakthi is the apple of their eye. The happy little family becomes ecstatic when they find Arya as her suitor. He is a filthy rich business man who has attained great success at a young age. He owns 500 acre tea estate and a palace like bungalow amidst it. The unsuspecting family falls prey to the outward friendly and sensible nature of Arya. Dreaming of a peaceful and a happy marital life, Shakthi is shocked to the core when she finds that her husband is a sadist. He tortures her in various ways because of his excessive uncontrollable possessiveness over his beautiful wife. Shakthi endures all the ill treatment without opposing him as she finds it impossible to run away from him. Though this series show the tolerance and strength of the female lead, it takes in by surprise by showing deviant behavior of Arya, which have the chance of reaching the young generation in a wrong context. This series is directed by Siddhiq and produced by Cine Times entertainment. It is the remake of the Hindi psychological thriller Dil Se Di Dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?