Tamil Tv Serial Rettai Vaal Kuruvi

Rettai Vaal Kuruvi Tamil TV SERIALS on VIJAY TV

Rettai Vaal Kuruvi is a Tamil television soap opera. It used to be telecasted on Star Vijay. The story of this show is based on romance and drama. The plot revolves around a divorced couple, Nila, and Bala, who end up working in the same office after many years. Nila’s father then plots to murder Bala, to avenge his sister’s husband. He hires two local thugs from Madurai to murder Bala. Nila helps Bala to survive when he gets stabbed. This results in the old flames of love to arise again between Bala and Nila.

But eventually, Bala finds out that it was Nila’s father who had planned to kill him, and this turns him against Nila as well. Bala then leaves for a friend’s wedding, which was in Uslampthi, to gather his thoughts and to replenish his sanity. On the other hand, Nila announces to everybody that she will go back to America due to Bala’s animosity towards her. But this was a lie. Coincidentally the friend’s wedding that Bala was attending, his to be wife was a friend of Nila’s.

Nila reaches to the wedding, with a decision in her mind, that she would keep away from Bala. Bala had the same in his mind as well. However, during the wedding, Nila’s friends kept flirting with Bala, which sparked jealousy in Nila’s mind, and somehow this brought them a tad bit closer. Nila’s friend’s mother and sister tried to bring them closer together in numerous ways. The bride’s brother was a criminal, and due to the fact he was a murder, he was disowned by the family. However, both brother and sister didn’t share anything but love for each other. So, he came to visit his sister in the wedding, but in hiding. Bala noticed both of them meeting secretly, and unaware of both of their relationship he suspected the bride.

Eventually, the brother was beaten up, and as doubts began piling on, on everyone from the groom’s family, the wedding was called off. Nila and Bala come to know the truth eventually, and seeing how much her friend’s family tried to bring both of them closer, they regret their actions. Eventually, both of them go to Nila’s friend’s place to seek an apology, but as they get there Nila’s brother beat them up. Nila’s friend’s family fives both of them, but they declined the proposal of getting the broken marriage fixed. Bala and Nila, both feel apologetic for their behavior towards each other and end up confessing their love for each other again. On the same day, Nila meets with an accident.