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Reporters is a Tamil soap opera, a love story of Ananya and Kabir. It airs on Puthuyugam TV. It is a prime serial. The show was premiered on 7th September 2015 from Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm. It has completed 1 season, was created by Raj TV and produced by Rose Audio Visuals. Sony Entertainment Television India originally aired this show.

The lead roles are played by Kritika Kamra as Ananya Kashyap and Rajeev Khandelwal as Kabir Sharma. The Reporter is a story about two journalists, Ananya Kashyap and Kabir Sharma. Ananya is working in KKN, a news channel, in the position of a junior reporter whereas Kabir joins KKN as the Editor-in-Chief. Kabir has a big hand in bringing the company to the top level, and Ananya is also giving her best share in KKN's success. She is a bright girl and has potential to be a successful journalist. She is a capable and an ambitious girl who has never lived a life of a man who is full of pains and compromises.

They both are good at their job and tremendously talented. Kabir is experienced and uses all kinds of methods to find a breaking news. Both of them are consistent, and their performance is parallel to each other. Still, he makes her fell like a school girl and admonishes her quite frequently because she is neither ambitious nor organized and also for her disregard for rules. She is still passionate about journalism and is always ready to face the challenges to find the best stories. A very realistic style is used to portray the KKN's office.

The viewers relate to the perfectly articulated corporate world that is provided to them. Khalid, the channel boss, hires Kabir because he knows that he is very talented and an expert in bringing TRP. Khalid is a shrewd businessman, a character played by Bikramjeet Kanwarpal, is always concerned with ratings, but his bitter remarks and dry humor put an element of mischief in the show. Malvika is the pseudo-boss, the daughter of K L Prasad, the owner of the channel, who feels a little uncomfortable because she owns the job by birth and not by worth. Megha Chatterjee plays the character of Malvika. Manav, played by Sunny Hinduja, is the senior most journalist of KKN, is jealous of Kabir because he thinks he has grabbed his position of responsibility. Puri Chibber as Rooney is Ananya's best friend who secretly loves her. Shivangi Verma as Richa is another reporter and newsreader who has a practical approach while Khushbu Purohit as Trisha, is a girl with a little sense of humor and concerned about her looks, attire, and gossips.

Ronnie, Trisha, Richa, and Sunny are close to Ananya and are majorly the employees of KKN whereas Kabir, Manav, Malvika and Khalid make the senior most management circle. Ananya’s life changes when Kabir Sharma, a senior journalist, who she considers her ideal joins the company. Ananya's father, Sudhir Kashyap was defended only by Kabir, against the accusations made about pharmaceutical company corruption and the fraud that happened. Kabir is ruthless, ambitious and autocratic. He was the reason Ananya decided to become a journalist. Her father went missing after he got bail and Ananya and her family are still in hopes that they will find her father and that this father-daughter partition could end. KKN is at its peak of excellence and is one of the top agency. The celebrations are on, and Ananya receives a call from Baghi Madhavnath. In spite of the dangers she knows she will have to face, she decides to take up his interview. She knows that this would be very beneficial for her company. She accepts his proposal and plans the meet. Kabir also accompanies her, not only because he is her colleague but also because somewhere inside he has feelings for her, he cares for her. Madhavnath and his gang abduct them. They both then become successful in escaping from the gang’s grasp.

After some episodes, because of Kabir's sense of timing, presence and thinking skills, they escape into a jungle where the kidnappers chase them. During the jungle episode, Ananya and Kabir spend time with each other and collect good memories which would stay with them for their entire life. They share their experiences and open up. In the flow, she tells him about her father's story making him realize that she is the daughter of Sudhir Kashyap. But he pretends as if he doesn’t remember him. Later Baghi and his accomplices are put behind bars, and the run and chase drama takes to an end. After this incident, they both become close friends, and with time they fall in love with each other. Later, Kabir helps Ananya to find out that her father has committed suicide. In the course of this incident, misunderstandings arise between them where Kabir and Ananya mistake Tarini and Rooney to be their partners respectively.

Meanwhile, Rooney proposes Ananya, but she politely refuses him as she considers him as her best friend. It disturbs him, and he stops talking with her. Malvika grabs the opportunity and offers a high post and highly paid job to Ananya at Mumbai. Ananya accepts it to distance herself from Kabir and to give space to Rooney. Knowing this Rooney resolves problems between them. Trisha, knowing how much they love each other, plans their meet. They both meet at the office where there is no one because everyone is at the summit that Kabir did not attend. Kabir opens his heart in front of her and finally proposes her. Here they share a kiss. They finally realize that they are incomplete without each other and are brought together, all thanks to Trisha. Later, they face many obstacles in love where Malvika strikes a fight between them and their mother getting to know about their relationship.

The content has been engrossing and delightful right from the beginning. The script and screenplay seem tightly knitted together. The application of the story is productive, and out of excitement, viewers eagerly wait for the next episode. The rich content and perfect cast double up to give a great experience to the audience.