Tamil Tv Serial Ramany Vs. Ramany

Ramany Vs. Ramany Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Ramany vs. Ramany is a Tamil comedy sitcom by director Naga. The show was broadcasted on Jaya TV under the production of Min Bimbangal Productions. The story is about Mr. Ramany (played by Babloo Prithiveeraj or Prithvi Raj), a man with a silver spoon when he was born. He was the fourth child in the family and before him are his three agonizing sisters. His three sisters envied him because he is the much-awaited male baby in the family.

So he became so special to everyone especially to their parents. As time passes by, Mr. Ramany wanted to go to USA – somewhere away from his three sisters, from his army father who acts like their house is a military academy and from their mother who always lectures in their house since she is a primary school teacher. However, fate does not allow him to go. His family wanted him to marry a girl who has the same name as his name, Ramany. She lives in the USA for a short span of time.

The two Ramanys are different individuals with distinct dreams but they are thrown to be together out of their destiny. The family was successful on getting the two married. But they appear to be an utterly incompatible couple, who agree to disagree on almost everything. Mr. Ramany’s friend, Balu told him to ignore Mrs. Ramany when he comes home from the office. But it results into a fight where it reaches to a level that the two wanted a divorce.

They called their lawyer but the latter told them to call back after an hour. The couple also made an agreement that each of them will do their own work. Mr. Ramany and Mrs. Ramany (played by Vasuki) always end up arguing with each other, but there are also some incidents when the two are being an enormous help to each other. Mr. Ramany also shows some concern for his wife, like when he paid for Mrs. Ramani’s pager dues.

He also put some hard work in helping Mrs. Ramany for the preparation in becoming a top Odissi dancer. Mr. Ramany also tried to teach Mrs. Ramany on how to drive, but he fails. There is also an instance where Mrs. Ramany was promoted with an increase in her salary and Mr. Ramany feels like he is a failure and plans to commit suicide. Mrs. Ramany talked to him and helps him realize that they are both on equal positions.

New characters will enter in the middle of the show. Sasikala, Mr. Ramany’s officemate will fall in love with him and will send a love letter. On the other hand, Sarathy will also fall in love with Mrs. Ramany and would want to remove Mr. Ramany from his way. He will ask for Mrs. Ramany’s help. One morning, Mrs. Ramany attempts to impress Mr. Ramany by cooking and serving him the food. The next day, he is nowhere to be found and police suspects Mrs. Ramany of killing him. The show is full of fun and laughter and included in this hilarious comedy show are Poovilangu Mohan, Mythily, Srinivasan, Gyanam and Riyaz Khan.