Tamil Tv Serial Ramanujar

Ramanujar  Tamil TV SERIALS on Kalaignar TV



Ramanujar is a Tamil television series. The telecasting of this soap opera is done on Kalaignar TV. The show began airing from 1 Jun 2015 and has since then come on the television every day, from Monday to Friday, at 07:30 p.m., through the same channel. After a spree of 273 episodes, on 17th June 2016, the serial ended. The direction was looked after by Dhanush and the story of was knitted by Karunanidhi. The tale of this serial focuses on the life and works of the famous philosopher and Hindu theologian Ramanuja.

The entire format of the show was set as a depiction of Ramanuja’s life along with his contributions and teachings regarding the spiritual world. Although traces are a bit sketchy, his life is present the history and made popular through lore and tales. According to the traditional hagiographies, he was born into a Brahmin family. He was always succinctly amiable for academics, and so he pursued the path of Vedic scholarly. He attempted to make acquaintance the famed Yamunacharya, who was the 11th century Vedanta scholar. But due to circumstances, he passed away, and Ramunaja didn’t get the opportunity to meet him.

When Yamunacharya died, the witnesses to his corpse mentioned that his body rose from the deathbed and named Ramanuja as the next leader of Vaishnavas. PriyaNambi, who was one of the main hands of Yamunacharyatraveled to meet Ramanuja and bring him to the initiation of his becoming the leader of the Vaishnavas. At this moment, Ramanuja was married however he renounced his life of the betrothed and became a Hindu saint. After the process of rituals and ceremonies, he became the head priest at the Srirangam Varadaraja Temple devoted towards Lord Vishnu. This temple is located in the city of Kanchipuram. Here, Ramanuja began to teach that release and liberation from samsara is not to be achieved through metaphysical but with the help of Vishnu.

This meant that moksha couldn’t be achieved without the embracement of the personal God. Through his teachings, he went to nurture the Tamil society and culture at the time of the Chola dynasty. His teachings flowed through nine Sanskrit texts that he contributed to Sri Vaishnava. The first one was Vedarthasangraha which was an enlightening summary or abstract to the entire Vedas. The second and the third ones were the Sri Bhasya and Bhagavad Gita Bhashya which were both commentaries and reviews on the Brahma Sutras, and the Bhagavad Gita, respectively.

These three contributed heavily towards the teachings of Vaishnavas, along with the other texts, namely Vedantapida, GadyaTraya, Nitya Grantham, and Vedantasara.