Tamil Tv Serial Puriyaamal Pirinthom

Puriyaamal Pirinthom Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Puriyamal Pirinthom is a new Tamil TV serial that was launched on July 15th 2014 and is getting aired in Vasantham TV from Monday to Thursday by 10.30 PM. RadhikaSarathkumar who's a popular actress of Tamil movie industry is acting in the serial. Puriyamal Pirinthom is one of the two stories in the serial Oru Nayagi Oru Naval. Both the stories talk about two different ladies and their lives. Radhika dons the lead role in the second story that has been named as Puriyamal Pirinthom.

The story is about the couple Priya and Diwakar who share a happy marriage life. They both have a daughter who unfortunately dies in an accident. This incident shatters the couple's relationship when Priya starts to blame that it was Diwakar's carelessness which really killed their daughter. She goes to an extent of seeking divorce in the court. Diwakar tries to prove Priya that he's not the reason for the unfortunate death of their daughter. He still loves Priya and wants to continue their life as before without getting separated. With the divorce case being dragged on in the court, whether the couple solved the differences or whether Priya managed to get her divorce forms the rest of the story plot.

The serial is being produced by Radhika's Radaan Mediaworks for the media corporation Vasantham Central which is a Malaysian Network and is directed by Mathivanan. The cast includes Radhika Sarathkumar, Mohan, Rajesh Kannan, Karthik, Chitra, Indhu, Shamini, Sonia along with others.

Another version of this story...
Puriyaamal Pirinthom is a Tamil television serial produced by Raadhika Sarathkumar under the banner of Radaan Mediaworks Production and direction of M. Ganaish Raj. The serial was premiered on July 15, 2013 on Sun TV channel. 
The story revolves on the life of Priya (played by Raadhika Sarathkumar) and her husband Dhivahar (played by Rajesh Kannan). They are a loving couple and their marriage is perfect. Priya is a music teacher and her students adore her. Her husband is an ex-football coach. Their marriage suddenly turned into a cold ice after their daughter died. Priya is putting all the blame to Dhivahar and decided to file a divorce. But Dhivahar is consistently proving that their daughter’s death was due to an n accident. He loves Priya and he still wants to live a happy married life with her. However, he failed to convince Priya. 
Priya is blaming him because of some events that happened before their daughter dies. One time, Priya went to the supermarket and Dhivahar was playing with her daughter in the playground and all of a sudden, their daughter, Tamizhselvi was gone missing. They look everywhere until they find her playing with some of her friends. Another incident is when Priya along with her father and Dhivahar were talking about their daughter and her good singing voice. Priya wished her to become a singer but Dhivahar insisted that he wants her daughter to be an Olympic swimmer. 
Priya thinks that what happens to their daughter is because of Dhivahar’s careless behaviour. Priya’s father and Dhivahar’s mother is hopeful that the two can still reunite. But Priya doesn’t want to bring his husband back to her life again. One day, when Priya was invited to come to her student’s house because they are newlywed, the husband of Priya’s student invites his own mentor, Dhivahar. Priya quickly storms out of her student’s house without saying any word. Dhivahar admitted to their students that Priya is her wife. Priya told her father about this incident but her father assures Priya that Dhivahar is a good man. 
Meanwhile, Priya went to her lawyer so they can finalize the divorce but they are unable to continue since Dhivahar does not comply with it. Priya is begging to set her free and her lawyer told her to go to Dhivahar and talk about their divorce. Priya went to Dhivahar and but he tries to convince Priya to resolve their problem and forgive him. But Priya’s decision is firm and leaves with sadness. 
Will Priya forgive Dhivahar and start anew? Or will she continues to push their divorce so she can be relieved from the poignant trauma that the accident caused her?