Tamil Tv Serial Priyamana Thozhi

Priyamana Thozhi Tamil TV SERIALS on JAYA TV

Priyamana Thozhi started on 19th January 2015. Jaya TV broadcasted the show. It broadcasted from Monday to Friday at 9:00 PM. It was produced by Paresh Rawal and Hemal Thakkar. Yash Chauhan and Dharmesh Shah directed it. It is a dubbed version of Jeevan Sathi, aired on Colors TV, in Tamil. It belongs to the drama genre. R M Joshi, Jayesh Patil, Shahi Mittal, Sumit Mittal, and Zama Habib were the writers for the show. It had approximately 310 episodes. It is a story of a girl, Viraj Rathod. She is a very strong girl and the serial showcases how she fights against all the obstacles thrown by her father, Vikramaditya Rathod.

Viraj Rathod is in love with a foreigner, Neil Fernandez. They are about to get married, but the twist comes when her father and his brother, Vanraj, try to get Viraj married quicky. Viraj reveals the truth about her and Neil. After knowing the truth, Vikramaditya gets her married to Ishwar, a mute person. Viraj hates Ishwar, but she slowly falls in love with him. Viraj, then, decides to take revenge from her father for all his insulting behavior. Because of her, Vikramaditya loses the elections which make him very angry. He proves Viraj to be mental and sends her to the mental hospital.

Ishwar keeps on visiting her in the mental hospital to save her, but in the end, Viraj becomes mental. Ishwar takes her out of there and brings her to her mother where her mother tells them that Viraj’s dad and his brother are trying to kill them. She gives him some money for her daughter. They have to face a lot of difficulties like the taxi driver stole their money, a man tries to rape Viraj, but Ishwar comes at the right time, etc. Later, Neil is revealed to be dead. Ishwar keeps on trying to bring back the memory of Viraj with the help of Baba Sahib.

Viraj regains her memory, but she only remembers her life till when she and Neil were getting married. She does not even know Ishwar, the only person who helped her in the toughest period of her life. Later, she accepts him as a husband. Ishwar gets a very nice job of making sculptures and starts receiving a good amount of money. Ishwar and Viraj start liking each other more, and their relationship keeps on becoming strong. Vaani Sharma plays the role of Viraj Rathod, and Amir Dalvi of Ishwar. Gaurav Khanna is in the show as Neil Fernandez and Suzanne Bernert as Lydia. Vikram Gokhale plays the role of Vikram Aditya Rathod, and Shailesh Gulabani of Ishaan Solanki. The serial basically shows the love story of Neil and Viraj. It shows the twisted relations of a family.