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Tamil Tv Serial Premi

PREMI Tamil Tv serials on Vijay tv

Premi is the brain child of the veteran director K.Balachandher telecasted in 1998 in Sun TV. Produced by Kavithalaya, Premi is one of the classic series of K.Balachandher which brought a new level of perfection to the silver screen. K.Balachandher’s favorite actress, Renuka who made her debut in his teleseries Kaiyyalavu Manasu, played the lead role of Premi in this series. Premi is a girl in mid twenties , who takes up the responsibilities of her family in a very young age and strives to make the ends meet.

She reminds of a strong tree sheltering a variety of life forms without any expectation in return. She is a giver among the sea of takers around her. Premi is an iconic character implying how a woman has to face the society without losing her identity. She is an ambitious woman who doesn’t back down or quit when met with the unceasing tides of sorrows and hardships. Bombay Gyanam, Veena player Rajesh Vaidhya play other important roles in this series. Renuka became very famous and was identified as Premi by her beloved fans after this series.

She has lived the character by her sparkling speech and straight forward attitude. It was a top rated series which brought a change in the mentality of working class women and was truly an inspiration to them. Another feather to its cap is its popular title track. Bombay Chanakya Bombay Chanakya is a director who directed theater >> Read More... who has written the script for K.Balachandher’s Kadhal Pagadai Kadhal Pagadai is a Tamil Television serial direct >> Read More... series is also the script writer for Premi.