Tamil Tv Serial Poove Poochudava

Poove Poochudava  Tamil TV SERIALS on Zee Tamil

Poove Poochudava is an Indian-Tamil language television serial that gets aired on Zee Tamil. The genre of the show is Soap-Opera. This show firstly started airing on 24th April 2017. The total number of episodes is 773. The star cast of the show includes Reshma Reya, Karthick Vasudevan, Madhan Pandian, Krithika Laddu, Dhanalakshami, Meena Kumari, Dinesh Gopal swami, Santhosh, Raveena Daha, Chandani Prakash, Yuvarani, Sai Priyanka Ruth, L Raja, Sridevi, Madhumohan, Sreekumar, Sanjay Kumar Asrani. The Running time of the show is 22-25 minutes approximately. This serial is telecasted from every Monday To Friday at 07:30 pm to 08:00 pm. The production company of the show is Team Work Mantra. The Producer of the show is Ayesha Abdulla, and the Production Location is in Tamil Nadu.

The story of the serial focuses on Shiva and Shakthi, who met each other in a car accident, and there they started hating each other. But the destiny makes Shiva's brother Sundar fall in love with Meenakshi who is Shakthi's sister. With some misunderstanding, the marriage of Meenakshi and Gautam was broken, and her parents started finding a suitable match for their daughter again. When they went for the proposal of Sundar, everything was in there favors, but Sundar's mother wanted to get her eldest son, Shiva marry first. Being a woman-hater Shiva, is least interested in girls and does not want to marry. But as his mother was insisting on him, he decided to get married with her employee named as Nithya. Shakthi is threatened by Sundar's mother Subhatra, that if she does not get married to Shiva, Meenakshi will be killed.

Nithya ran away before the marriage as Shiva has given money to her for pretending that she is ready to get married. Soon, the relatives asked Shiva to marry Shakthi, but he refuses and tells her that she should say no when anyone will ask her to marry him. But she says yes when Subhatra asked her to marry Shiva. Shiva-Shakthi and Sundar-Meenakshi got married to each other. As they entered their house, Shiva and Shakthi continued their fight, and Sundar, and Meenakshi lived happily. After consulting an Astrologer, Subhatra gets to know that the risk of Sundar’s death has been increased and this was the reason why she interfered within Sundar and Meenakshi’s marriage. Shakti started to find out the reason and the story which was told by the astrologer but finds out that the Astrologer himself is a fraud.