Tamil Tv Serial Pirivom Santhippom Season 2

Pirivom Santhippom Season 2 Tamil Tv serials on Vijay tv

Pirivom Santhipom season 2 is the continuation of the family soap opera Pirivom Santhipom telecasted in Vijay TV. It revolves around sisters and best friends, Jothi and Revathy who love each other. Revathy who is treated as a stepdaughter in the family by her aunt Dhanam, Jothi’s mother and is targeted because of her beauty. Jothi gets criticised of her dark complexion and her marriage gets delayed because of her appearance.

Amidst all the differences and partialities, Revathy and Jothi stay close to each other. The beautiful friendship breaks due to multiple factors when Revathy marries Prabhu, a psychologically affected guy for the sake of her family. Unfortunate events happen and finally Jothi marries Karthik as destined but feels animosity towards Revathy who tried to stop the wedding as requested by Jothi’s father. Problems escalate when Jothi’s father dies and nobody is there to justify Revathy’s action.

Season 2 begins with Jothi as a widow who is angry with Revathy and Revathy who badly wants to break the wall between her and Jothi. Jothi wants to punish the people who have caused her husband's death and promises to show no mercy to them when found. Pirivom Santhipom Season 2 also has the same casting as season 1 with Actress Kalyani playing the lead role of Revathi and Sayed Anwar as her husband Prabhu. Actress Rachitha Rachu playing as Jothi and Actor Dinesh as Karthick. It was produced by Rasool