Tamil Tv Serial Periya Idathu Penn


Periya Idathu Penn is a Tamil television show which airs on Jaya TV. It is the dubbed version of the popular Hindi show Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki. The Hindi version airs on Sahara One, Monday to Friday. It has a runtime of thirty minutes. The first show aired on 30 May 2005. On 19 June 2009, it reached the thousand episode milestone. Very few shows in the history Indiana television have reached such milestone.

It had a well liked visual appeal with the Indian housewives. They could emotionally connect with the protagonist of the show. It is the reason why it became Sahara One’s most popular and successful show. It completed 1387 episodes, making it the sixth longest-running television show in the country. Reena Kapoor plays the role of the protagonist, Rani Mittal. She is a girl from a wealthy family. She marries into well-to-do family and now has to adjust herself in a low-income family. Her first husband dies and later her family gets her married to Prince Thapar, his rich look-look-alike. In the second year, the husband and the wife die due to an accident, and their daughter Pari, who looks exactly like her mother, takes the role of protagonist of the show.

The show then starts focusing on her education, her college life and her family. She gets married to Saumya Parashar ( Aamir Ali). Till then life has been good to Pari. After marriage, she has to deal with various obstacles in her married life. To save his cousin, Sameer, played by Vikram Acharya, he jumps from a cliff and plummets to death. Meanwhile, Pari is pregnant with Sameer’s child, and at the time of his death, she goes into labour. Her delivery was taken care of by Dr Manav. At the same time, his wife was also into labour, and she gave birth to a baby boy. Unfortunately, she dies while giving birth, and Pari’s son too dies from complications developed during the process. To save her from a huge shock, Manav hands over his son to her without telling her anything. She thinks it's her child and raises him with love and care. Pari names him Shubham. Manas has started to miss his child and is often trying to find excuses to meet her. Pari is irritated and wants him to stop seeing her son. Watch the serial to se how it further unfolds.