Tamil Tv Serial Penn

Penn Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Penn is a Tamil drama serial under the production of Aniksha Productions. The show was premiered on February 27, 2006 and ended on November 24, 2006. It was aired on Sun TV (India) under the direction of C.J. Baskar. Penn is all about the hardships and ordeal that women face in their life. Ranganayaki (played by Seetha) is the proprietor of the Kadamban Food Products. In spite of all odds, she remains on being optimistic and she’s always in good spirit. Ranganayaki, Uma and Kalavathi have been friends since childhood and besides that, they are also business partners.

The story started when Ranga and Kalavathi were in a temple. They are about to perform Pooja after hearing that Kalavathi’s son have reached US already. When Ranga and her driver, Delhi Ganesh are driving their way home, they find a girl who’s about to jump from a bridge to commit suicide. Delhi tries to save her and brings the girl to the hospital. Ranga stayed at the hospital until the girl was treated. The girl seems to be very affectionate. When the girl was treated completely and has been discharged from the hospital, Ranga asked her why did she commit suicide, but the girl did not answer.

She named the girl, Deepa (played by Meera Vasudevan) and offers her a place to stay. She said, she can stay with her up to 30 days and then she will decide if she wants to live or just die. She learned that Deepa is also trained in business and can manage all the operations. However, Ranganayaki’s closest friends, Uma (played by Sharmila) and Kalavathi (played by Subalekha) do not approve of this. The two attempt to put Deepa in troubles that would ruin her job. Ranga has a peculiar family with two sons and one daughter.

Her first son is already married with a wife named Chitra, who works in Kadam Food Products and runs a taxi rental business. He is also dating with Uma, a friend of Ranga. The second son is completely wasted. Ranga knows that her children only want one thing from her, money. Meanwhile, Uma’s family hates Ranga and her friend Kalavathi, but they also worked in Kadam Food Products. They believe that adopted kids are 2nd rate. Ranga’s business is doing fine and everyone respects her in the field.

Delhi Ganesh’s son, Kasi, who is a hot-blooded young man meets Deepa in Ranga’s house. The two appear to like each other. He wants to know more about Deepa but she always avoids all the questions that Kali is throwing at her. Ranga finally takes Deepa in the office and introduces her to everyone. Deepa seems to like the atmosphere in Ranga’s company and wants to work there. Later, Chandra, one of Ranga’s employees, suddenly cuts her finger in a machine.

Deepa quickly puts the finger in an icebox and takes Chandra to the hospital where Chandra gets admitted. She saw the doctor and another person and looks very frightened of them. Kala was aware of it. The story will reveal all the secrets and will test the loyalty of the people around Ranga’s life. Many characters appear in the middle of the story that will add twists and will make the serial a more interesting one.