Tamil Tv Serial Panchavarna Kili

Panchavarna Kili Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Panchavarna Kili is a Tamil serial which used to be aired on Sun TV. It has aired over five hundred episodes.Each episode has a run time of twenty minutes. The plot revolves around a love triangle between three people. There is a young girl, Meghala, who is intelligent and beautiful. She always used to score good marks in class and dreamt of becoming a science teacher in the future. Saker is a naughty boy who never used to study. He would sit in the last row and make fun of others.

He was never good with teachers, and he always got into a fight with everybody. Despite all this, he is good at heart, and that is why most people loved him. Meghala was no different. When the time came for both of them to join college, Meghala got into the best institute in the city whereas, Saker couldn't get into any. He gave up and decided to join the army. As time passes by love usually fades away, but this was not the case.

Meghala never forgot about her love. Every day before going to sleep, she dreamt about their future life, which helped her to sleep. There wasn't a single which went by when she didn't think about him. Saker one day comes back, and his marriage is fixed to a girl of his parents choice. After a year, they are blessed with a daughter. It breaks Meghala’s heart and leads her to the point of suicide. She has given up on life and regrets not telling him about her feelings. Saker’s brother is in love with Chitra’s cousin. He tries to take the newly formed couple’s help and promises to be always grateful to them. There is a war taking place in the northern part of the country.

Saker dies due in combat, which leaves his family in shock. He was the sole breadwinner, and there's nobody else who can take this responsibility. His brother decides to forget his love and start providing to the family of his brother. He starts working under Meghala as her assistant. She isn't aware of the situation. One day, she gets to know about Saker, and all her world starts spinning. That night, she didn't stop crying. She didn't eat anything, and nor did she attend classes. She vowed to take care of his daughter and treat her like her own.

One reason why she didn't marry was that she believed one day Saker would come to her, and that day she would have found heaven. Chitra wonders who this person, but she doesn't care as long as her needs are being met.