Tamil Tv Serial Pagal Nilavu

Pagal Nilavu Tamil TV SERIALS on VIJAY TV

Pagal Nilavu is a Tamil television serial that airs on the channel STAR Vijay. The show is actually the second season for the serial Andal Azhagar. It deals with new generation which includes the two daughters of Andal and Azhagar and Sakthi and the sons of the first wife Revathy and the second wife. The plot goes as Revathy’s son Karthik wishes to take a revenge on Sakthivel. Whereas, the two daughters of Andal and Azahagar, Revathy and Shakthi are trying to unite the family and also they fall in love with Karthik and Prabha who is the son of Sakthivel. Though all of them are members of the same family, they are rivals.

The elders decide not to get their children married to each other on account of the rivalry they face. On the other hand, the two step-brothers, Karthik and Prabha also keep clashing with one another. Sakthivel too lives with his second wife but he cannot forget his first wife Revathy which makes both of them uncomfortable. Sakthivel is thrown out of his minister post when he tries to help Revathy when she gets stuck with a bribe case. In turn, Revathy decides to help him out as well.

On seeing this, the two brothers, Karthik and Prabha realize the love Revathy and Sakthivel have for each other and accept each other as their brothers. What happens next is the climax of the story. It is left for the viewers to see if all of they come together or not and accept each other or not. Also, if the motive of the four children to bring the family together is at last successful or not. The director of Pagal Nilavu is Kadhiravan and the producer is K J Ganesh whereas the story is by Francis Kathiravan.

The serial stars Vignesh Karthick as Karthik, Syed Anwar Ahmed as Prabha, Sameera Sherief as Junior Sakthi, Soundarya Bala Nandakumar as Junior Revathy, Udhayabhanu Maheswaran played Sakthivel, Sindhu Shyam as Revathy, Manmohan as Azhagar, and Mona Kakade as Andal. Pagal Nilavu is a well-liked show among viewers. The story is also unfussy and attractive for youngsters as well. The show released on 9Th May 2016 and premiered on 10Th June, 2016. It was telecast from Monday to Friday at 6.30 pm and 9.30 pm respectively.

The show was popular among the viewers and also was telecast internationally in countries like Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe and other countries.