Tamil Tv Serial Oru Naal Perasiriyar Santhanam

Oru Naal Perasiriyar Santhanam Tamil tv-serials on SUN TV

This program was aired on Sun Tv for the special occasion of Vinayagar Chathurthi on 9 September 2013. Joly Vasanth was the director for this show. Aishwarya was the host. The duration of the program was about forty minutes. It was an initiative taken by the Sun Network to make the college classrooms interesting for few hours. Meenachi Engineering College was chosen for the audition. They planned to invite celebrities to be professors for some time. The popular comedian and celebrity who can turn the study room to a play room is Santhanam. He is well-known for his stand-up comedy. He was invited into a class room where the Sun Music team and Adithya Channel team was hiding among the students.

A group of eleven people arranged by the media team was prankish and were eagerly waiting to shoot questions to Santhanam. Students were also allowed to ask questions. Santhanam maintained his cheerfulness throughout the program. His charm and sense of humor attracted everyone. He was lively, quick and energetic with literary style and zest. The classroom was loaded with the sounds of laughter.

Santhanam shared his personal views along with the mixture of comedy. He was very jovial and answered politely to all the questions. He seemed to master the art of combining expression and conception. He was sportive, satirical, eloquent and unpredictably witty. He also shared his experience about his debut in the movie ‘Vallavanuku Pullum Aayudham’ as a hero. The students were more excited to hear the news and showered a thunder of applause. They also conveyed their wishes for his successful career. The team played Dumb charades with Santhanam. It is a game in which one person will charade the title or the given word and the other must find it. Santhanam managed to find the words after a lot of mockery and fun. Manimegalai from Sun Family acted hard to make him find. She acted in the film ‘Kanna Laddu Thinna Asaiya’. Santhanam played the game joyfully. Many students and Sun team acted on various titles and everyone seemed to enjoy their time. This show was very hilarious. It was a boisterous merriment for all and was marked by convulsive laughter. It was telecast on the fine morning of Chathurthi.

It was a fun-filled program with practical jokes. The room was uncontrollably noisy by the sounds of laughter. The special occasion was celebrated by the frolicsome students and the viewers. Santhanam addressed the audience at the end of the program to convey his Chathurthi wishes.