Tamil Tv Serial Oru Kaidhiyin Sila Kilai Kathaigal

Oru Kaidhiyin Sila Kilai Kathaigal Tamil Tv serials on Vijay tv
Oru Kaidhiyin Sila Kilai Kadhaigal is an old family thriller drama telecasted in 1997 in Sun TV. It revolves around the lead character Kavitha who is a brave and strong girl who lives in Kolkata. Gomathy is her mother, who is an IAS officer. She is a straightforward, sincere and honest officer which earns her a few enemies. Divya is her younger daughter who is fun loving and youthful girl who lives a carefree life with a loving mother and sister. This beautiful family is shattered when Kavitha comes to know about the death of her mother Gomathy which is said to be an accident by others. Kavitha returns home with her husband Shyam to find Divya in a psychologically disturbed and depressed state. The couple tries hard to turn Divya’s life to normalcy which eventually leads to the suspicion about Gomathy’s death. The plot is weaved around the truth behind the suspicious death and the trio’s effort to unravel the mystery. It is a family drama which shows the mother daughter love and a part suspense thriller with the detective element in it. It was directed by the veteran director K. Balachandhar and was created by Minbimbangal pictures. Actress Rekha Rekha is a popular South Indian actress, who was b >> Read More... plays the role of Gomathy and Actress Vanaja plays the lead character of kavitha. She became famous after acting in the top rated award winning family drama Metti oli. Though this family drama ended in the 1990s, it is still a sought out entertaining drama by ardent serial fans in Tamil.

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Oru Kadhaiyin Sila Kilai Kathaigal was produced by Geetha Kailasam, of Min Bimbangal from K.Balachander’s Kavithalaya Group.The story, screen play and dialogues were by Thamira, the music was rendered by Muralidharan.

Directed by Ameer John,the story revolved around Kavita, a resident of Calcutta. Once she got the shocking message that her mother Gomathy, an honest and upright I.A.S. officer, has died in a freak accident. Upon coming home for her mother's funeral, she found her sister Divya in deep depression. Kavita and her fiance Shyam tried hard to help Divya fight the depression and come out of it. However, they end up being embroiled in the search for the person responsible for Gomathy's death. The rest of the story was about finding if the death was due to a really a freak accident as they were told and about the sisters who try their best and found the truth.

The casts included Rekha, Vijaybabu,Vanaja,Sangeetha, Mohanpriya, Calcutta Krishnamoorthi, Raj Madan and others in the lead. The serial when aired in Star Vijay was a hit among the viewers. The story was interesting with the right mix of depicting family values and also with the mysteries. The audience were excited and watch with interests to know the suspense of the story at the end. The struggle of the sisters in finding the truth were shown with dramatic turns and twists.Vanaja of ‘Metti oli’ fame earned more fans,by acting in this serial. The serial ran successfully as all the serial produced by K.Balachander’s Chinna thirai.