Tamil Tv Serial Olly Belly

This program was aired on Vijay TV in weekends at 6 pm since 15 March 2014 for about four months. Marutham Group sponsored the program. Erode Mahesh and Priyanka Deshpande hosted the show. The presence of Robo Shankar, Jacquelin, Vadivel Balaji and Balaji also inspired the participants. Sparrc Institute is an official fitness partner. The show duration is about forty to forty-five minutes. It aims at people who wish to convert their pot belly to flat ones. Fat and stout people are mostely considered against beauty norms and often fall as the prey for derision. The episodes cover the hard efforts made by the contestants to reduce their weight. A team of fourteen members individually competes to succeed in this weight loss program. This show has the involvement of gym trainers, doctors, dieticians and fitness experts. The participants are determined to follow the scheduled practices formed by them from food, exercise to sleep. Their daily routines are watched by the team and are also eliminated for hostile behaviours. Dr. Kannan Pugalendi and Dr. Natarajan took the sole responsibility to maintain the health and fitness of the participants. Obesity is the most common problem faced by half of the population in India. It opens the door for all other diseases. BMI index needs to be calculated to find the rate of obesity. This program contestants are fully figured and they aim at becoming skinny. Rajkumar, Senthil Kumar, Mohan, Srikanth, Nikhilesh, Hubert and Bala Yogesh were the male contestants. Sona Mahadevan, Akilandeshwari, Abhinaya, Soundarya, Gomathy, Vaishnavi and Bennilda were the female contestants. Saturday episodes were for women and Sundays were for men.

          The first episode was more emotional as it had the friends of the participants involved to complete a task. Their friends were added with external weights and were asked to walk with the burden. They seem to realize the difficulties faced by their dear ones. The third episode showed the improvement of the participants after getting trained for the past week. They were able to touch the ground without bending their knees. It showed their flexibility for forthcoming tasks. The first task was to smash the tomatoes by their foot within thirty minutes to obtain a bucket of juice. The feeling of thirst was felt by participants during this task. Every episode handed over different tasks to help them achieve a flat belly.