Tamil Tv Serial Nodiku Nodi Athiradi

Nodiku Nodi Athiradi Tamil tv-serials on MAKKAL TV

Nodiku Nodi Athiradi is an educational and reality show that used to air on Makkal TV in 2014. The show was hosted by V. J. Chitra. The show had a unique and innovative concept and was first of its kind in the Tamil television industry. V. J. Chitra is an actor and anchor who has hosted multiple Tamil shows and acted in several soap operas. She is currently a part of the Tamil show, ‘Chinna Papa Periya Papa.’ She hosted many shows on Makkal TV before hosting Nodiku Nodi Athiradi.

The show is a Tamil educational show that incorporates reality elements in it. The aim of the show is to educate the viewers and participants about the Tamil language and its nuances. The show is a pioneer in the concept and was moderately successful. Rather than lecturing, the show took a different approach and used fun activities and games to teach the Tamil language to the audience. Also, rather than participants being in the studio, the interested people could take part via their phone.

The show modified the games to allow contestants play via phone. This allowed the show to have multiple participants without much effort. Chitra used to engage the participants in games and also talk about the participants themselves. If the participants had a successful run, they could win prizes. The games on the show were varied, and each participant got a different game to play. The games were a mix of crosswords, match the pairs, visual aid games, and find the words games.

Crosswords involved the player guessing the correct word that fit in the boxes with the help of a clue, just like traditional crosswords. Match the pair involved matching two words which had something common with each other. Find the Word involved players guessing as many as words they could in a set amount of time. The games required a grasp on various aspects Tamil language to play like the vocabulary, grammar, and idioms in popular culture. As a result, the show was the perfect opportunity to learn about the language.

The visual aid games involved visual clues to guess the answer. The game was rarely played when the contestants would be connected via video conferencing to the show. Another thing that made the show interesting was the quick fire rounds. Each game had at the most sixty seconds for the player to respond which required quick thinking to play.