Tamil Tv Serial Nil Gavani Sol

Nil Gavani Sol Tamil tv-serials on Zee Tamil


"Nil Gavani Sol", the name itself triggers lot of interest. It has a great popularity among the Tamil viewers, the show has presented us with a total of 25 episodes, last aired in the year of 2015 and can also be watched in OZEE Video Player.

It is one of the most entertaining reality shows on screen. The show brings out things in the form of speech and debates. The show reveals the story which is unsaid. The show brings us story untold and never discussed. The anchor here with a nice delivery of speech keeps the show running in an awe-inspiring manner.

The show is presented in the Tamil language. But, there is always a general urge to know what is going on especially, the language we do not understand draws our attention. The anchor who keeps on cross-questioning without beating around the bush making the accused to give a clear and vivid reply to the question asked. The Tamil show has gained popularity due to the straightforward actions been portrayed through the way of speaking

"Nil Gavani Sol" the English meaning of this name is "Stop Watch Word." The show is basically a talk show with local citizens and expert opinion for any contemporary topic. The show remains very straightforward, unlike others it never beat around the bush. The debate/talk is very necessarily to the point and relevant to the topic. Even the panel of guest present during the show can give their advice and expertise on the topic provided. They are given an equal chance to share their knowledge on the given topic. The idea makes it sure to entertain and give a genuine interest to common people and Tamil viewers across the globe.

The show gives chance to people of any age group for the discussion of any contemporary topic. The show deals with the topic that will be of interest to kids, men, women, teenagers, and all youngsters. They give a note that the topic is discussed in all dimensions, and even discussed in length, conveying all the perspectives.

The show brings us serious arguments, motivating comments and sometimes hilarious jokes which make the show a must watch. The anchor of this show is R.J.Saha commonly known as Dairy Saha to listeners of Trichy Radio. The anchor is fond of talking about any topic and the reason behind it is he loves talking.