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Nenjathai Kilathey is a popular Tamizh TV serial aired on Zee Tamil Network. Gayathri does the lead role for female in this serial, as she is quite popular in small screen. The male lead role is performed by SPB Charan who is an actor, singer and a popular producer. The serial is all about a love story that feels good and involves Sujatha (Gayathri) and Murali (SBP Charan) who do not get married even in their mid thirties. The story is telecasted on Zee Tamizh from Monday to Friday and showcases a love story where age is not a problem. Sujatha is working as a senior manager in a reputed bank and Murali on the other hand works a top office in the same bank where Sujatha works. They have their own roles and responsibilities however and perform them with utmost sincerity. Murali comes across a girl named Kavya and wants to marry her as she is very young. But this will happen only after Murali’s third beloved sister named Sandya is married. However, Murali realizes that Kavya is in love with her boyfriend Siddharth and overhears her talking to her boyfriend that Murali is too old for marrying her and that she does not like him. Therefore, Murali now decides to help the girl (Kavya) to get married to Siddharth with the help of Sujatha who also helps the couple. During this entire process Murali falls in love with Sujatha and so does she. They join hands together to help the young couple get married and they feel good about it.

Finally, Murali and Sujatha get married to each other after many turn and twists in the story. However, Sujatha had a dream to quit the job and spend time with her family after marriage. Even Murali agrees to it. During this stage, Murali’s youngest (third) sister is declared pregnant and due to customs in their family Murali has to bear the expenses of her pregnancy (both medical and personal that includes function and hosting). Hence, the couple is now surprised by this. Sujatha now decides not to quit her job and wants to support Murali for his cause. Various situations dealing with the couple’s life and relationship is the rest of the story. To add on Murali (SPB Charan) is a good singer in the serial and he entertains people with his voice. This sparkling love story was aired from every Monday to Friday from 7pm to 7.30pm.

Another version of this story...

Nenjathai Killadhey is a mega serial aired on Zee Tamizh channel. This mega serial is produced by Sri Chitra Mahal and directed by Prabhu Panth. The story involves mainly around two lead characters of Murali and Sujatha played by S.P.B Charan and Gayathri respectively. Murali and Sujatha are single people who are not married even though they are past their marriage age. They both work in the same bank where Sujatha is the manager and Murali works as an officer. Due to family responsibilities, they could not get married at the right age. Murali wants to get married to Kavya. Kavya is much younger to Murali. Murali wants to get married only after getting his last sister married and at a certain point of time, realizes that he is too old to get married to Kavya. Kavya is also in love with her boyfriend Siddarth. Murali then helps Siddarth and Kavya to get married. This marriage brings Murali and Sujatha to get to know each other better and they get married. The interesting incidents weaved around Murali and Sujatha and the question whether they would be able to lead a normal life after marriage makes for interesting viewing among audience of Nenjathai Killadhey.

Nenjathai Killadhey is aired on Zee Tamizh at 7 PM on weekdays. Apart from S.P.B Charan and Gayathri, the rest of the cast include Renuka, Shambavi and many more. S.P.B. Charan, the lead actor, is an acclaimed singer and producer in the Tamil Film Industry. He has also acted in a few Tamil movies. Chennai 600028, Naanayam and Aaranya Kaandam are some of the movies to come out of the Production house of S.P.B Charan, Capital Film Works.