Tamil Tv Serial Nenjam Pesudhe

Nenjam Pesudhe Tamil Tv serials on Polimer tv

'Nenjam Pesudhe,' a Tamil dubbed serial of the Hindi version "Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha," aired on Colors TV in 2012. This serial depicts how Meena, who is survived by her two children, faces society after her husband Amar has been killed. Mak Workz has written the dialogues in Tamil, and Amit Malik directed this serial. Mohan Prasad, a Journalist, enters Meena's life by writing an article portraying her husband as corrupt and immoral. It creates a conflict between the two. How she comes out with her difficulties, and with Mohan's help, Meena tries to prove her husband innocent forms the rest of the story. In the process, Meena gets emotionally attached to Mohan and decides to get married. Mohan is already married to Ramya and was seeking a divorce. How they convince and handle the children and the society is presented colorfully.

Kunal Karan Kapoor (as Mohan) - Born in Mumbai, Kunal started his career as a child artist and has acted in quite a few serials. He has acted in the Nenjam Pesudhe in seasons 1 and 2.

Aakanksha Singh (as Meena) - Rajasthani girl, Aaakanksha is a theatre artist who acted in many plays before accepting the role of Megha/Meena.

This serial brought her a huge fan following. Besides acting, she is also a dancer and maintains a laudable rapport with her co-artists.