Tamil Tv Serial Nee Varuvai Ena

Nee Varuvai Ena Tamil TV SERIALS on Polimer TV

Aired on Polimer TV, Nee Varuvai Ena is a Tamil romantic television series. It is a dubbed version of a famous Hindi serial named Ek Duje Ke Vaaste. Telecasted from 25th January 2017 at 8:30 P.M. from Monday to Friday, the program revolves around the story of two childhood friends who become lovers and how they struggle to be with each other. The program became an instant hit among viewers and showed a unique mixture of relationships in urban cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Suman Tiwari, played by Nikita Dutta, has been shown to come from a close-knit family. Due to the tragic demise of her parents, she has been nurtured by her grandfather.

On the other hand, the male protagonist, Shravan Malhotra, played by Namik Paul, belongs to an elite and well-settled family. Families of Suman and Shravan have known each other for a long. They share a strong bond as Suman's grandfather used to mentor Shravan's father. The story continues, and Shravan plans to leave for London to practice law. After the painful separation of his parents, Nirmala and Ramnath Malhotra, he takes this decision. Suman eagerly waits for him as he returns after a long period of 10 years.

When they meet again, she tries to apologize to Shravan for leaving him alone ten years back. Puffed with pride, he plans to take revenge on her. Amidst a college reunion party, Shravan insults Suman before everyone, and finally, they part ways. A few months later, Suman's house gets into trouble, and she seeks Shravan's help for legal matters. Shravan helps them to win the case. Shravan and Suman will be again seen coming close to ending bitterness between them. Suman tries to set matters right between Shravan and his mother but fails to do so as Shravan's father intervenes.

Shravan's father becomes possessive of his son and worsens the situation for Shravan and Suman. As a result, they both get into regular feuds. After a few episodes, Preeti, Suman's cousin, and Pushkar, Shravan's brother, fall in love and seek permission to marry. They somehow convince everyone. During the function, Suman's grandfather suffers from a heart attack. He asks Suman to promise that she will marry Aditya after his demise. Suman agrees to marry Aditya and cannot confess her love for Shravan. Aditya, Shravan's stepbrother, tries to misbehave with Suman. Finally, after a lot of disagreements, Shravan marries Suman.