Tamil Tv Serial Nathi Enge Pogirathu

Nathi Enge Pogirathu Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Television shows and serials are always the keys to entertainment. Some local languages even make T.V serials that are popularised due to its story line and by the title names.

"Nathi Enge Pogirathu" is a Tamil title which means "Where The River Goes." The title always gives an imagination to the viewers, making them think that what kind of a story is it going to be. A story about a river which flows through the path in an unending manner, which sees no barrier and makes it way out to reach it's destination or it's about something more inspirational which they have not yet thought off.

"Nathi Enge Pogirathu" is a popular T.V serial which is screened on Sun T.V and even on Vijay T.V. The title is admired by the viewers and remains their favourite due to its story-line and star cast of the story.

The cast even did a superb work in portraying the characters. They made the serial look more promising and kept the viewers stuck to their seats. The star cast included "Roja" ( her small screen debut), "S.P Balasubrahmanyam", "Calcutta Krishnamurthy", "Sruthi", "Malaysia Vasudevan", "Raj Kumar", "Anuradha Krishnamurthy", "Sadhana", "Priyadarshini", and "Sembuli Jangan."

The serial here describes the story of the main character who travels in different paths before reaching the final destination. The characters portrayed here as the protagonist is named "Sindhu." She is a cheerful girl, currently studying in a college. She lost her mother at a very small age when she needed her the most. Her father was an alcoholic, his name was "Shanmugan." Her father works as a caretaker of a guest house. After the death of the protagonist's mother, he married another woman. And, after her father's death, her step-mother abandons the family. This story tells how "Sindhu" makes her way to the new beginning from the most critical point of her life.

This story inspired a lot of people. The story of the brave girl who just like the river never stopped because of the mishaps in her life, she made herself strong in every phase of her life. She fought the bad times and stood as the person who can choose things at difficult times.

The show has morals, it teaches to stay positive, it shows the strength a girl possesses. It gives the message to fight the evils. This show has a tremendous story line which gives the viewers enough excitement with all episodes thinking about the girl "Sindhu." The viewers are eager about her story, and her story remains a heart-touching one for all the people watching it.