Tamil Tv Serial Nam Kudumbam

Nam Kudumbam Tamil Tv serials on Zee tv

Nam Kudumbam is a TV show in the Tamil language. The Tamil TV show has been aired on the TV screens by the famous and one of the most loved TV channel known as Zee TV Tamil. This TV program is one of the most special TV shows created by the Zee Tamil channel for its audiences. Nam Kudumbam is a popular, fun and, hilarious TV show.

The TV show has a stage like any reality game TV show. The anchor of the comedy TV show is one of the most prominent names in the Tamil entertainment industry which is RJ Balaji.

The comedy TV show has fiction and, nonfiction from Zee Tamizh. In every episode, there is a mix of artists from the nonfiction and, fictional categories. From the fictional category these people are actors from different TV serials, lead actresses of different serials, supporting role actors and actresses and, other crew that has formed part of the Fictional TV and, has been put on the TV screens after molding them into characters. Of the Nonfictional category, there were artists like famous anchors from different reality TV shows, famous judges of different TV shows, cast and crew of the nonfictional TV programs telecasted and, others of this category.

One part of the category used to troll the other category people. Each of the categories used to crack jokes on each other, roast them, play with them, make fun of the characters, make fun of their TV shows, make fun of their styles, crack jokes on their acting skills, cracking jokes on anchoring skills, trolling them for their looks in their shows and serials and, completely roast each other. The anchor would start the show by welcoming the audience after which he used to explain to the audience about the theme of their current episode.

The themes were also extremely funny.. Also, in between the show, there were a lot of special segments. This popular TV show Nam Kudumbam from the year 2014 made it to headlines in the leading newspapers for its popularity. The audience loved watching the mix of Fictional characters with the Nonfictional ones and, get to know them a lot more. This TV program has been one of the best TV shows made by Zee TV Tamil.