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Nagamma Tamil Tv serials on Mega tv

Nagamma is a supernatural thriller drama aired on Mega TV in week days at 8.00 PM. It is based on the mythological Goddess called “Nagamma” who is in the form of snake and is very popular among the South Indian Hindus. The Goddess has the ability to take human and snake form. She safeguards the people within her territory. She possesses a valuable gem called “Nagarathinam” which is believed to have magical powers. The lead heroine in the movie ‘Thiruda Thirudi’, Actress Chaya Singh Chaya Singh was born on 16th May’1981 in Bangalore >> Read More... made her debut in television serials through this serial .

She played the lead character Nandhini, the reincarnation of Nagamma. She is portrayed as a brave and strong girl with supernatural healing powers. The thrilling plot moves around Nandhini the divine tribal girl, Nathan, a police officer who impersonates as a snake lover and researcher, Devaki and many others who try to get hold of the valuable gem from the holy snake and harm the tribal people. Actor Chethan has played the serious role of an undercover Police officer very well and Chaya singh has played exceptionally well as a native of forest lifestyle.

The series was directed by C.Jerrold, who is well known for directing various thriller serials and Script is written by writer Indira Soundar rajan who has written a top list of supernatural fictions and non fictions literary works. The eerie and mysterious music in the background score by music director Dheena with the extremely beautiful visuals of virgin forests in depth mystify the whole story to another level. It is one of the top rated supernatural thrillers that are re-telecasted in Mega TV after it’s successful completion of round one in Sun TV in 2011.

Another version of this story...

Nagamma, a Tamil serial telecasted in Sun tv during 2011 – Based on ancient Tamil Mythology Nagamma, a Lady Hindu God with the appearance of Human and also can incarnate as the Snake, in short the Serpent God. The name Nagamma derived from Nagam means Cobra, and the complete serial deals with the power of Nagamma and how she saves people from the evil powers. Chaya Singh acted in the role of Nagamma, who is an actress from Bangalore and acted in almost 30 films across different languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Bhojpuri and Oriya films.

Due to which, the serial gained it’s popularity among the Tamil viewers. The serial starts showing Nadhan, who is a Snake Researcher and also runs a Snake Farm, later it is revealed that he was there to find a Burglar who was a long term headache to the village people. During his tenure there, he finds the mysterious stories about the Nagamma and her power that creates some unexpected events in the place. Also, there were few unresolved murder cases. So, this as a challenge that Nadhan tries to resolve is the base line of this serial. Because the previous mythological serials has been a mega hit in the Tamil industries , this serial also gathers the momentum and keeps the serial up and running.