Tamil Tv Serial Naga Rani

Naga Rani Tamil TV SERIALS on Zee Tamil

Naga Rani is a Tamil Television Show. It premiered on Zee Tamil Channel. AK Films, one of India's biggest entertainment and media banner, is the Production house of this Show. in light of a fascinating adventure of an ichadhari nagin. The Show finished its first season on 11th April 2009, and is relied upon to return for its second season inside three months. Zee TV reported that Naga Rani 2 will be delayed because of IPL in this manner setting March 2012 as the premiering month.

On 29 February 2012, it was educated that Zee TV and AK Productions have gone to a comprehension of scrapping the possibility of naginn 2. Both Zee TV and AK Productions chose to think of Naga Rani 2 at some point later. Till 2016 there has been no Naga Rani 2. In Indonesia, Naga Rani 2 air day by day since 16 July 2014 by MNCTV. The show depends on a story of Amrita, an ichchhadhari nagin (a female snake who can change shape freely). She changes herself into a lady to render retribution from the Singh family, which had slaughtered her parents (lord and ruler of the Naag or snake group) to get the significant Naagmani (snake gem).

While dying, the ruler naaginn trains Amrita to render retribution from the executioners and get back the naagmani in their group with the goal that she would give her parents their life back. Keeping in mind the end goal to satisfy the desire of her diminishing naagin mother, Amrita changes herself into an individual to render retribution. And afterward, she gets hitched into the similar family whose members had murdered her parents. In any case, the predicament is that her obligation as a spouse and her affection towards her human husband Arjun comes in the method for her requital . Amrita gets pregnant after an unexpected turmoil in her life. In any case, in ensuring Amrita and the unborn children, her husband Arjun dies.

All the Singh relatives die, aside from Arjun's grandma Triveni. Amrita brings forth identical twins. Surmaya and Triveni come and execute Amrita with the fatal toxic poison, Vasuki. Be that as it may, another ichhadhari snake, Kanishka, helps Amrita who needs to live for her girls. He encourages her to wind up a spooky soul so she can watch over her kids. Nonetheless, she won't have the capacity to touch them and they won't have the ability to see her. Amrita concurs.

Amrita's two little girls are around seven years of age and they will look precisely like Amrita when they grow up. One girl is with Triveni, who treats her hopelessly, and the other little girl lives with a town lady, who soon passes on. Triveni goes to the alchemist Bhairavnath who helps her in attempting to convey Amrita to the human world so she can be done off until the end of time. Season 1 closes with Amrita's phantom being caught. The Show telecasts from Monday to Friday at 6 in the evening. Sayantani Ghosh plays the role of the main female protagonist Amrita. Sachin Shroff plays the role of Amrita's husband Arjun. Manav Gohil acts as King Naag /Nagaraj, Preeti Puri as the Queen naaginn /Naagrani, and Divya Dwivedi as Vishakha.