Tamil Tv Serial Naanum Oru Penn

Naanum Oru Penn Tamil Tv serials on Zee tamil

Naanum Oru Penn is a drama series which airs on the Zee Tamil channel. The series is a Hindi language one that came on every week between Monday and Friday at 9:00 PM. It is the dubbed version of the popular Hindi drama series named Saat Phere and which used to come on Zee TV. Naanum Oru Penn got adopted from the original in order to appeal to the native Tamil audiences who form the main viewers of this program. The program took place at the home of a wealthy and upper-middle class family. It thus took a good look at how these societies behave and move within their circles. It showed us a young woman who is dark complexioned. She had to go through numerous problems upon getting married owing to this complexion of hers.

As the story kicked off, we see that the protagonist had been getting treated differently even by her own mother when compared to the siblings only because of the color of her skin. She begins to feel out of place due to this on many occasions and fights hard for winning her mother’s attention and love. With time passing by, she gets married in a household which is quite rich. Though the proposal was initially meant for her sister, however, she became the chosen one by the groom and his family owing to the maturity she displays.

This turn of events even creates a lot of friction amidst the two sisters which led to an animosity arising between them. With the passage of time, her sister eventually falls for a highly unsuitable character who had merely been using her. Though she gets warned against him a lot, the sister chooses to go ahead and get involved with him which leads to her landing in a lot of trouble. Over at her in-laws’, her husband’s aunt makes an entry and stays with them. She tries a lot to break up the couple and ruin their marriage.

She attempts to do all this since she had wanted her nephew to get married with a girl she had chosen but he instead opted for Saloni. It also got revealed that this wasn’t her husband’s first marriage. He had gotten married many years before this as well. People had thought that he murdered her as she had wanted to get married to his elder brother. However, it was his aunt who planned and executed the murder all the while framing her nephew for this heinous crime.