Tamil Tv Serial Naagini 3

Naagini 3  Tamil TV SERIALS on Colors Tamil

It is a supernatural Tamil dubbed serial screened on Colors Tamil. It has crossed 75 episodes in its third season. It remakes the Hindi serial Naaginn directed by Hayavadana. It is about Ichchadaari Nagini who avenged the killing of her parents. Amrita who lived in Dakshana vana with her parents. Rudra and Vishnu come and kill her parents for Naagamani.

With the help of her aunt, Amrutha prayed to Lord Shiva, and after ten years she goes to Durga Puram Shivan temple. She went there, taking her deceased mother. Arjun the main role is an innocent boy who loves Amrutha in the temple. Amritha killed the first murderer Raju in an incomplete apartment. Then she gets help from the other snakes and kills the other murderers.

Then apsrar controls Amrita’s mind and make her say she needs Ayurveda treatment. Finally, Amirtha marries Arjun who always stays loyal to her.