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Mutharam Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Mutharam” is a Tamil television serial telecast on Sun TV Network. It is the story of a police officer who fights against criminals with vigour. But she has a personal secret that many are not aware: She is actually the daughter of a criminal. She feels bad about this and she tries to find solace in the uniform. But, due to some circumstances, she decides to change her life and become a normal family woman.

However, her enemies are not forgetting her. They start troubling her and that forces her to act against them once again, which creates waves in her family life. How she managed to make this balance and win against the wrongdoers is the story of this serial produced by “Cine Times Entertainment”.

Famous movie actress Devayani acted as the police officer and she got great reviews for her acting skills and action scenes. However, later she was replaced by Vijayalakshmi due to various reasons. She gave a wonderful performance and made sure the change is not affecting the flow of the serial. ' Sathyapriya Sathya Priya is an excellent actress who is in thi >> Read More... Sathyapriya ', Manjari Tv and Pooja Lokesh Pooja Lokesh is a popular and famous, young, upcom >> Read More... Pooja Lokesh are the other important characters who gave their best for this successful serial.

“Mutharam” is directed by famous director Sundar K Vijayan who has many popular serials in his credits. Dialogues for this serial are written by famous writer Pa. Raghavan, while the screenplay is written by another famous writer Devibala. ' Dhina Dhina (also called Dheena), is a recognised South >> Read More... Dhina ' has composed the title song for “Mutharam” which is written by award-winning lyricist ' Vairamuthu Vairamuthu is a very famous Tamil writer, poet, an >> Read More... Vairamuthu '. This serial is produced by Siddhiq.

Another version of this serial

Muthaaram is a Tamil language daily soap that was aired on Sun TV. Based on the genre of police and drama it is an Indian show which started in 2011. The show premiered on 14 November 2011. It aired on every Monday to Saturday at 11:00 pm, but later on the show’s timings were changed and the time slot set for the show was 12:30 pm as a new serial named SondhaBandham replaced it. The show has been produced by Cine Times Entertainment and has been directed by R. Kanesh and Sundar K. Vijayan. The script has been written by Pa. Raghavan. The creative director included of Siddhiq. Thus the makers wanted the best crew to work on this distinct show.

Mutharam'sis the lead in the show. He is a police officer who fights against all the criminals is her past life and thus feels guilty of being a criminal’s daughter. But due to some reasons and twists in the plot, she is forced to wear the uniform again. She is so struck then she wears that dress again. She remembers all her past. Thus the story revolves around her fight against her old enemies and new enemies in her life. The star cast of the serial includes of Devayani, Vijayalakshmi, NeenuKarthika, Sathyapriya, Manjari and also Cr. Shaji. The title track on the show has been composed by Dhina and Rajesh Ramalingam and has been sung by Shweta Mohan Shweta Mohan is a female playback singer in Indian >> Read More... Shweta Mohan and M.G. Sreekumar. The lyrics of the song have been set by Vairamuthu.

The last episode of the serial was aired on 25 January 2014 completing a total of 564 episodes in the duration of the whole run. All the scenes are shot in various locations in Tamil Nadu and each episode used to be of 20-22 min. The show has been aired on international TV channels also which included of Sri Lanka Tamil channel on Shakthi TV. The dubbed version of the serial was aired on Surya TV in Kerala in the Malayalam language. Another dubbed version was aired on Gemini TV in the state of Andhra Pradesh and was made in the Telugu language as Muthyam. It used to air on Monday to Friday at 4:00 PM. Thus the whole team of

Muthaaram expected a great response from the audience and which they did get. They wanted to show a serial with a different plot and thus they succeeded in doing so. The show was liked a lot by the people and has in turn earned a lot of appreciation from the viewers.