Tamil Tv Serial Mugangal

Mugangal Tamil Tv serials

Mugangal is a Malayalam television serial which used to air on Saregama TV. It used to be a very famous show at that time and loved by the audience. The channel got a lot of TRPs due to this serial. The story of the serial is that there are one man and two women in the show. The man is married to one woman but the other one wants this man to be in his life. The other lady tries to create a new problem each time so that she could make the life of the first woman difficult. The wife loves his husband very much but this woman is always there to create a problem.

The spouse tries to solve all the problems and wants that his husband should be his husband and not to be involved in any other activities. The other woman is constantly trying very hard so that she could attract that man towards her and ask him to give divorce to his earlier wife. But the man being faithful to his wife rejects her proposal and thus from that time the lady starts making troubles in his and his wife’s life. Thus the story of the serial deals with that how that woman overcomes all the problems in her life and who wonderfully she tackles all her troubles. It was her love for her family that gave her power to solve all her difficulties.

She not only successfully manages her family but also teaches that other woman a lesson for her life. She made her understand the importance of household and that there are things which cannot be achieved if they are not in your fate. Thus the script of the serial was not so unique but the performance done by the star cast added lustre to the whole story. It added that special effect and charm to the serial. Thus it became the most watched and liked show in Kerala.

The dialogues were well-written and were delivered in such a forceful manner that made the spectators think and connect to the plot. Thus it appealed to them. Although it was aired in Malayalam language but it attracted a lot of people and thus had gained a lot of appreciation from the viewers. Thus eventually in no time it became the most watched show of that time on Malayalam television.