Tamil Tv Serial Mudivalla Arambam

Mudivalla Arambam Tamil TV SERIALS on Vendhar TV

Mudivalla Arambam is a Tamil melodrama TV serial which used to be broadcasted on Vendhar TV. It is a romantic thriller which aired from Monday to Friday at primetime 8:00 PM. K. Rangaraj and Navin Khirushna are the directors of the serial. It is the first time in Tamil television history that there is a show with a climax of such kind. It had a climax which is comparable with some of the top movies in the language.

The episodes are set in motion with the same climax as that where the films end. It has two seasons and it ran for fifty-four episodes. The two seasons are shown as movies and it has also been given exclusive names. Antha Ezhu Naatkal is the name of season one. Naadodigal is the name of season two. It is a continuation of a popular picture made by Bhagyaraj.

Being the first of its kind in Tamil Nadu, the show received praise from all sections of the audience, with some even proclaiming it to be one of the best soap operas to ever be broadcasted on Vendhar TV. It is a love story between the two protagonists. They are set to be married to each other soon. But they don't like each other, with Vasanthi still being in love with her old flame. Dr. Rajesh is worried about his wife. On the night of their wedding, Vasanthi not being able to handle the changes happening in her life, tries to kill herself.

Palakkad is an unemployed person from a small village. He and Vasanthi used to be together. He wants to enter the music industry. He even has strong family support to help realize his cause. Despite all his shortcomings, he is a humble and honest person, which is probably why Vasanthi fell in love with him. He has an assistant called Gopi. He too is young, but he is wise for his age. Unlike Palakkad, Gopi knows the world, and he can help Palakkad fulfill his dream in a big city.

They both move into the upper floor of the building where the newly wedded couple have been residing. Being financially unstable, he refuses advances by all women. Vasanthi finds him to be an honest man, and because of his commitment towards his goal, she falls for him. Despite his inner voice telling him not to, Palakkad finally gives in and accepts Vasanthi into his life.